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Types Of Syringes| Knowing The Types Of Syringes To Use When Monitoring Your Diabetes

Knowing The Types Of Syringes To Use when Monitoring Your Diabetes

There are many different types of syringes and they are all important for treating diseases. A part of making sure you have good health is using the right kinds of medical supplies. One of the important medical supplies is syringes. When buying syringes you have to know exactly what size syringe you need. You also have to know how to safely inject with your syringe. If you use too much insulin, or even not enough, your life can be put at risk. You also have to know that there are many types of syringes that are used to treat many different medical issues. Buy the right kind for you.

Different Types of Syringes

  • Insulin Syringe

One of the types of syringes is an insulin syringe. An insulin syringe is a piston pump. It has a plunger that fits tightly in a tube. It has a small barrel because it is intended to fit a small amount of fluid. It is also smaller because it is meant to be injected under the skin. This syringe is also unique because they are designed to measure liquid in units instead of milliliters. These syringes are used for injecting insulin.

  • Mouth Syringe

Mouth syringes, also called oral syringes, are used to take in liquid medications. Adults who cannot swallow medications use mouth syringes. These kinds of syringes are also good for children and babies. These syringes come in sizes of 1ml and 5ml. They are made up for three parts. Those parts are a straw-like stopper, the body (barrel), and the plunger. It resembles an insulin syringe. However, it doesn’t have a needle. Instead it has a hollow opening that is used to inject the medicine into the mouth.

  • Allergy Syringe

Allergy syringes are used for allergy treatments. These syringes can be injected subcutaneously (under the skin) or intramuscularly (into the muscles). They are larger than other types of syringes because they administer larger doses of medicine.

  • Safety Syringes

There are also safety syringes. When testing for diseases people can hurt themselves or medical people can get hurt by their patient’s needles.  However there are safety syringes that are made to avoid any dangerous incidents. These types of syringes are usually used in a medical setting, such as a hospital, to protect doctors and nurses.

Know which type of syringes to use. If you are a diabetic use insulin syringes. Using the wrong kind can be dangerous.

Types Of Syringes: Using Insulin Syringes The Right Way

Not all insulin syringes are made the same way. They have different needle lengths, gauges, barrel capacities, and types of graduation. The syringe you use depends on the amount of insulin you need. Using the wrong size syringe can cause pain, excess bleeding, and other avoidable issues.

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